Optimize the standards training management process using MARS



Organizations internal processes to manage training are generally driven using ad-hoc tools such as email and distributed repositories. The lack of validated training catalog, definition and rules defining organization of training makes it difficult to manage the overall processes. The processes are generally driven individually or group based and it lacks consistency and scalability. Organizations have tried to institute standardization using a combination of templates and processes. This has helped to a certain extent but the issues with consistency and standardization still remain within organizations. The lack of standardization results in inefficient usage of resources, time and capital. It also has implications from an internal compliance and audit perspective.

Quartica’s solution can help standardize the overall training management processes by allowing organization to automate the scheduling of training based on training catalog and learning goals for the organization. It will provide the capability to manage frequency of training based on characteristics such as location, trainer availability, coverage, organizational goals and others.


Automate scheduling of standards training based on the training catalog and learning goals
Automate tracking of training dates, attendance roster, trainee and trainer profiles and evaluations
Automate communication of key decisions and changes to standards and training updates
Full traceability and record of trainings, attendance and course completion certificates

Ready to automate your standards training process?


Key Features

  • Automated scheduling, enrollment and tracking of trainings.
  • Tracking of attendance roster, evaluations and certificates.
  • Support for storing meetings minutes and other documents.
  • Roles based access control to support project roles and teams.
  • Tracking of dates and activities, enabling collection of metrics and top-down visibility.
  • Searching, retrieval, navigation, and reporting capability.