Measure, analyze and improve quality and compliance across your organization



Small to Mid-size biopharmaceutical organizations and in many cases large organizations often do not have transparency and visibility into quality and compliance across drug safety business processes. Data siloes across multiple systems and tools requires manual work and duplication of efforts. Reporting accurately over complex detached business processes can be very cumbersome, prone to error, hard to secure, monitor, and audit. Findings in audits can quickly lead to additional costs, delays, penalties & can also impact company reputation. Reports are usually put together using a combination of exported data sources and guesswork.

Quartica’s solution can help organizations minimize compliance and audit readiness risk while giving visibility into compliance rates across drug safety business processes. Roles based dashboards and reports provide the means to get the right information, to the right people so they can proactively measure performance and identify areas of improvement.


Manage drug safety activities, quality documents, training and compliance information
Review current activities with ability to forecast and plan for upcoming activities
Generate Monthly or Quarterly Senior Management Reports by product therapeutic areas
Generate Quality and Compliance reports to measure KPIs and compliance rates.

Ready to measure and improve your quality and compliance KPIs?


Key Features

  • One stop shop to identify, track and measure drug safety activities and deliverables
  • Collaborative environment to track and manage all activities and deliverables
  • Inform, notify and provide information of upcoming deadlines
  • Plan and Allocate resources based on projected needs and priorities
  • Provide real time metrics and reporting on therapeutic group activity to management
  • Generate information for status reports and management presentations on the fly
  • Provide statistics, KPI and compliance metrics to help management review overall compliance and productivity
  • Complete traceability (who, when and what) including Versioning and Audit Trail