Optimize Quality Documents oversight and planning across your organization



Biopharmaceutical companies typically utilize QDMS systems to manage quality documents. However, the oversight, applicability and standardization of these documents utilizes a number of different excel work sheets. These excel work sheets, in essence contain the same set of data but are used to track different elements and provide different overviews from oversight to status and workload planning. This system is not satisfactory, labor intensive and there is a risk of information not being consistently tracked. In addition, organizations need to produce various reports which currently can only be managed separately and majority are updated manually. Further the lack of integration of these into the business processes makes it difficult to track quality and compliance.

Quartica’s solution can help centralize the tracking and oversight of quality documents for a specific department or across the organization. It will help support the standardized management of core QD data for global and local sub-sites so as to enable the cross-functional exchange of information. It will provide a centralized view of all QDs and their relationships, versions and other quality and compliance attributes. The tool will support the generation of pre-configured report outputs including tracking of workload plans.


Centralized oversight, planning, tracking and notification of quality documents
Track document status and other quality attributes and generate workload plans
Automate generation of dashboards reports and metrics.
Capture process milestones in order to enable metrics and reporting

Ready to simplify your Quality Documents process?


Key Features

  • Global oversight of the quality documents, including planning and communication of updates
  • Generate pre-configured outputs such as the TOCs, SOP architecture, QD counts and others
  • Dashboards and metrics to visualize the Global QD Roadmap
  • Roles based access control to support granular permissions based project roles and teams.
  • Tracking of dates and activities, enabling collection of metrics and top-down visibility.
  • Searching, retrieval, navigation, and reporting capability.