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Become an AI driven enterprise
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Safety & Risk Management
Automate drug safety and risk management processes using MARS
Clinical & Medical Affairs
Automate Clinical and Medical Affairs processes using MARS
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Automated Content Management
Drug Safety
Clinical & Medical Affairs
Automated Content Management
Accelerate generation of Deliverables

Configure organizational attributes and combine it with regulatory and business process intelligence to accelerate production of regulatory and quality deliverables.

Optimize Reporting Plans and Schedules

Eliminate manual guesswork by generating the most optimal regulatory and organizational quality compliant schedules to drive business processes.

Amplify Knowledge Sharing and Re-use

Extend, enhance and enrich content generation processes for sharing and re-use amplifying content versatility and dissemination.

Automate Quality and Compliance Metrics

Increase participation from users to stimulate overall compliance and quality by generating relevant indicators at every touch point.

Drug Safety
Accelerate planning and production of Aggregate Reports
Eliminate the manual guess work by generating the most effective, regulatory compliant schedules and accelerate production of aggregate reports.

Optimize Signal and Risk Management processes

Integrate signal management, risk commitment tracking and risk management planning including RMP production to simplify your end to end business processes.

Drive Overall Quality and Compliance

Optimize and Integrate Quality, Training, SDEA, QPPV and other PV functional activities to stimulate overall compliance and quality.

Clinical & Medical Affairs
Automate production of Clinical Reports

Automate labor intensive reporting across your organization by generating regulatory compliant reports faster and with improved quality.

Streamline SUSAR Reporting and Distribution

Automate distribution of SUSARs and cumulative listings to investigators worldwide. Generate inspection and audit ready reports.

Leverage Existing Investments

Customize, transform and extend while maintaining your existing systems and users utilizing a phased implementation methodology.



Aggregate Reports

Manage end-to-end aggregate reporting process from automated scheduling to automated authoring, distribution and submission tracking of reports. Generate compliance metrics for the leadership on the fly.

SUSAR Distribution

Centralized tracking and dissemination of SUSAR information eliminating manual steps thereby reducing the chance for delays or errors. Automate generation of DILs and generate inspection and audit ready reports.

PV Quality & Compliance

One stop shop to identify, track and measure drug safety activities and deliverables. Minimize compliance and audit readiness risk while giving visibility into compliance rates across drug safety business processes.

Regulatory & PV Intelligence

Manage up-to-date regulations in a collaborative environment with ability to assess impact of regulations across drug safety business processes. Communicate changes to all stakeholders.

Automation tailored for the specific regulatory and validation needs of the life sciences industry



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