MARS on Premises
Take advantage of the unique capability to extend, enhance and enrich your existing systems and processes

MARS platform architecture provides the flexibility to extend the capabilities of your existing systems enabling automation of business process and improving compliance. Customize, transform and extend while maintaining your systems and users using a phased module-based methodology leveraging existing investments.


Accelerate deployment and Integration

Get up and running within weeks with no lag time to start delivering results with automation business process models. Empower business users with ability to deliver at a speed, scope and quality eliminating manual steps and guess work. Integrate with existing systems to augment efficiency and productivity indicators within an organizations demonstrating tangible ROI.

Scalability & Performance

The platform supports a scalable, extensible and maintainable architecture to support the ever-changing regulatory landscape. The architecture supports the capability to scale and meet the performance needs tailored to organizational business needs.

Leverage existing investments

Customize, transform and extend while maintaining your existing systems and users using a phased module-based methodology. The platform also allows organizations to leverage and/or augment existing systems and business processes in a manner to support organizational change management needs.

Support tailored for different organizational Compliance & Validation needs

The MARS platform can support compliance and validation methodologies of organizations. It can support organizational methodology or vendor based approach or a hybrid approach based on the specific needs of different organizations.

Discover your clear path to automation excellence using MARS