About Quartica

Our Goals

Quartica is life sciences solutions provider that offer solutions by blending cutting-edge technologies with deep domain expertise. We bring a cross-functional team with a strong understanding of the complexity and challenges with life sciences domains.

Our Goal is to empower organizations by providing innovative products and services tailored to run their business at optimum efficiency and in compliance with global regulatory and corporate standards.

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Core competency

  • Innovate for Performance Gains – Drive organizational efficiencies by transforming traditional systems using innovative state of the art technologies
  • Automate for Strategic Efficiency – Automate manual sequential processes for operational agility with a streamlined infrastructure
  • Deliver results with Excellence – Meet unique needs tailored for big or small, well defined or development needs using a modular phased deployment delivery approach

Key Differentiators

  • Cognitive Platform that gives businesses complete control over how they can integrate content and regulatory intelligence to automate business processes in a regulated environment
  • Platform explores, analyzes and constructs compliance and quality variables into workflows homing in on triggers that improve overall quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Simplify business processes by integrating a powerful, flexible and scalable organizational-specific regulatory intelligence